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HOPO CLACK 5000 Disposables

HOPO CLACK 5000 Disposables

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Device Specifications

  • Puffs: approx. 5000
  • Nicotine: 2%
  • E-liquid capability: 14 ml
  • Coil: Mesh coil
  • Battery:550mAh
  • Charger: Type-C


1 ALOE GRAPE This flavor is exactly what it sounds like, grape flavor with a refreshing tone to it, plus with a light hit of aloe.
RAINBOW CANDY Exactly like the rainbow candy you like!
2 PEACH ICE The Peach Ice flavor is the most popular across our products and it is so for a reason. It is the perfect mix of menthol and the sweetness of a peach.
STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM juicy, freshly picked strawberries swirled into a smooth, creamy ice cream base. It is the perfect dessert flavor.
3 TROPICAL MANGO The Mango Ice is reminiscent of a ripe and tropical mango. Added is a pinch of ice to leave the user feeling extra fresh.
WATERMELON KIWI ICE Smooth watermelon vape flavor meets a cool, wintry ice flavor, and plus with a light hit of kiwi.
4 PINK LEMONADE This flavor tastes exactly what it sounds like. Sweet and a tad bit sour ,if you could put a flavor to the color pink this would be it.
TROPICAL BANANA Grab the taste of a real banana flavor. Overall, this vape flavor is creamy, sweet, and tasty-just like the real thing. It is not a candy-banana flavor but the signature creamy fruit flavor you love.
5 KIWI MELON mixes a tart kiwi with a sweet and smooth melon flavor. This vape flavor is a must try for adult vapers.
GLACIAL MINT a blend of menthol and mint flavors that is a top-seller. Adult menthol vapers will enjoy this.
6 KIWI BERRIES ICE crisp vape dancing with the taste of ripe strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and tangy raspberries.
APPLE SODA The apple soda flavour delivers a sweet and tangy vape, with a taste similar to green apple candy.
7 BLUE RASPBERRY LEMON The Blue Raspberry Lemon blends sweet and tangy berry and lemon flavors into one incredible vape. Blueberry, raspberry and lemon tastes are accentuated by an icy flavor on exhale.
PINA COLADA Pina colada provides a fantastic blend of tropical fruit flavors with a cool mint.
8 STRAWBERRY KIWI ICE Exotic kiwi and summer strawberry vape flavors blended together for a top-notch vape.
LEMON ICE CREAM Takes a creamy ic cream base and tops it with a lemon zest.
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